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Ready-to-Grow Gardens (Miami, FL)

If one has a passion for plants and a hankering to be in an urban environment, creativity is a necessity. Miami, Florida can be especially tricky having a mass population that seems exceptionally uninterested in growing their own food. However, instead of seeing the lack of interest and withdrawing, Dylan Terry saw opportunity.A Miami native, … Continue reading

The Importance of the Farmers Market

There are some striking statistics when one looks at the growth of farmers markets nationally. For instance, farmers markets have grown from about 1,700 in 1994 to 5,300 in 2009. This number only continues to grow. In my opinion, this is a sound example of how the food movement is progressing in our country. People are … Continue reading

Little River Cooperative (Miami, FL)

After a summer full of exploration, growth, and learning, it was time again to begin rooting myself in a very familiar place. Miami is home for me, being the place I grew up and where my family resides. Having farmed here for only short periods in the past, I was excited to jump into a yearlong … Continue reading