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Aprovecho (Cottage Grove, OR)

When visiting the Eugene Farmers market on Saturday, we ran into some interns from Aprovecho.  We had had some friends and farmers point us in their direction as a good educational and aquaponics resource, but we were not sure if we would have time to visit. Running into them at the market solidified our need … Continue reading

Ruby & Amber’s Organic Oasis (Dorena, OR)

The rolling emerald hills hug level ground of a 70-acre farm in the town of Dorena, OR, named Ruby & Amber’s Organic Oasis for the great draft horse pair that has powered this biodynamic farm for the last 14 years. Driving along the winding backroads to get to the farm, we tried to be as … Continue reading

The Agrarian (Coburg, OR)

While riding in the bed of a friend’s truck, one couldn’t help but notice the blooming sage and endless grain fields in Coberg, OR.  The picturesque scenery and northwest sunshine had put us in a dream-like state as we pulled up to The Agrarian.  It was the perfect day for a beer; we jumped out … Continue reading

Fungi for the People (Eugene, OR)

The end of Sunnyside Drive brought us to our home for the next two nights. We were welcomed by a delicious meal provided by an old friend and some collective music on the porch. Beyond a visit, the stop turned into a spectacular spread of music, food, dirt, and information sharing. Pete & Ja (pronounced … Continue reading

Rainshadow Organics (Terrebonne, OR)

Driving up to Rainshadow Organics, we knew it was a busy day for the farm.  Everyone was in the potato fields laying drip tape, and a tractor was tilling the ground for new crops. We pulled to the side of the road, hopped out, and started our tour.  Originally belonging to her parents, the land was … Continue reading

Four Winds Foundation (Terrebonne, OR)

Crossing the mountains of Oregon suddenly brought us into desert, sagebrush and evergreens dappling the dusty soil, a drastic change in landscape from the fertility of the Willamette Valley. After a few wrong turns and almost wanting to give up we came across the site, parked, and walked towards camp. Four Winds Foundation holds a sacred … Continue reading

Gathering Together Farm & Wild Garden Seed (Philomath, OR)

As John was kicking his feet through the dirt, he was quietly explaining his legacy. Gathering Together Farms is a 60-acre farm in Philomath, OR, our first stop 4 hours south of Olympia. With over 60 types of vegetables and fruits grown intensively on the property, we were stuck by the sheer diversity – in … Continue reading