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East End Eden Permaculture (Ojai, CA)

With no college plans and months away from graduating high school, Connor Jones leaned back in his chair in his Algebra II class and hit his head on a bookshelf. Bill Mollison’s Introduction to Permaculture fell on his head; with a glance at the cover, Connor knew he had found his own curriculum. He had … Continue reading

The Little Lake Grange & Farm School (Willits, CA)

The Fraternal Order of the Grange is a tool underutilized by farmers of our generation. Originating in 1867 as a movement of rural farmers collaborating to combat railroad monopoly, Granges are now established at a national, state, and local level; however, this network is little known by young farmers, as the age of Grange members generally … Continue reading

Slab City & Beyond (In the Desert, California)

After a weekend in L.A. amongst the high rises and high heels, we were more than ready to head into the California desert. Driving east, the wind picks up, the air grows warmer, as dust and sand whirl around everything like a protective shield. Niland, CA isn’t much to look at; with a population of … Continue reading

Camphill Communities California (Soquel, CA)

The Camphill Community in Soquel, CA is not about one garden or farm, but about a network of people all over the world. This network has some common threads; each is based on anthroposophical values, with focus on the Waldorf and Biodynamic practices of Rudolf Steiner. Along with these core beliefs, each Camphill Community is a “life-sharing” … Continue reading

The Homeless Garden Project (Santa Cruz, CA)

Santa Cruz has a typical beach town vibe, from the longhaired skateboarders to the early morning fog. As we drove up to the Homeless Garden Project, the sign greeted us with colorful welcome. This stop afforded us the luxury of wandering around the brimming 3.5-acre property on our own, munching on various fruits, vegetables, and … Continue reading

Collective Roots (East Palo Alto, CA)

After a weekend in San Francisco, we found ourselves at Collective Roots, a not-for-profit organization in East Palo Alto, California. We got to visit 2 of their many locations, including their main office and community garden facility and their largest on-site school garden. Surround by sun and dry heat, both gardens serve as small community … Continue reading

Emerald Earth Sanctuary (Boonville, CA)

A 20-minute drive along an undulating dirt road brought us to the green gate of The Emerald Earth Sanctuary outside of Boonville, CA. It was 10 p.m., a bit later then we had intended to arrive due to getting lost and managing a few u-turns on the high mountain roads. Still, we were greeted by … Continue reading

The Golden Rule Community (Willits, CA)

The scale of the Golden Rule community immediately sets it apart from other sites visited on our trip thus far. Finding the community is no challenge; the property is 5,000 acres directly off the California 101. The Golden Rule Church was established in 1944, with the basic principle of “do unto others as you would have … Continue reading

Brookside Elementary School Farm (Willits, CA)

Our friend Luke is truly a community man. As he has worked and lived on many of the other farms we visited in Willits, his dedication to the community was apparent. His fellow farmers had only good things to say about him as a human being and as a farmer. As of November, he has … Continue reading

Commonwealth Garden (Willits, CA)

When thinking about hospital garden collaboration, it is hard to imagine something that is not sterile and unwelcoming. Most people concerned with wholesome foods and preventative medicine see the current medical industry as one of reactive as opposed to proactive approaches. Western medicine, in general, has been consistently not prioritizing providing the best food (and herbs) … Continue reading