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Finding Peace With Food

Going to a convenient store, one is inevitably bombarded with images of stick thin, air brushed models on the covers of magazines with captions declaring the latest fad diets and weight loss trends, comparing the best and worst beach bodies, and promoting exercise regimes to help you lose 10 pounds in a week. At the … Continue reading

Ready-to-Grow Gardens (Miami, FL)

If one has a passion for plants and a hankering to be in an urban environment, creativity is a necessity. Miami, Florida can be especially tricky having a mass population that seems exceptionally uninterested in growing their own food. However, instead of seeing the lack of interest and withdrawing, Dylan Terry saw opportunity.A Miami native, … Continue reading

Salamander Springs (Milledgeville, GA)

Winter in Georgia means leaves, and grey. The temperate southern winter climate mimics that of the beginning of fall in the Pacific Northwest; we find ourselves on a migration. The south has been hard for us, in many respects. It’s brought much introspection, speculation, and conversation on the values we carry when compared to those … Continue reading

The Homestead Education Center (Starkville, MS)

Nestled in the small town of Starkville, MS, The Homestead Education Center was founded in 2011 to answer the call for real food in Mississippi. In a state where large scale industrial agriculture — mostly soy, corn, cotton, and beef — dominates and Wal-Mart is the primary food source, “farmers don’t really grow food, they … Continue reading

The Human Path (San Antonio, TX)

The view from The Human Path’s 50-acre plot spans from their mined landscape of a previous quarry to highway 281, the passing traffic within earshot. Minutes from downtown San Antonio, The Human Path has taken a different approach to self-sufficiency. Food, as always, is an integral part of their operation, but they have also incorporated … Continue reading

The Yard-to-Market Co-Op (Austin, TX)

Whether it be a byproduct of the school or the capital city itself, Austin, TX is a liberal mecca we found ourselves in after a long, flat drive through West Texas. There is no shortage of urban agriculture in this “Portland of the south”, so, for our investigative pursuits, it became a matter of examining … Continue reading

Agritopia (Gilbert, AZ)

After purchasing a fifty-acre parcel from the original homesteaders in the 1960’s, Jim and Virginia Johnston continued cultivation of the acreage producing wheat, cotton, and sugar beets while raising three sons in what was rural Arizona. With rapid development in the 90’s, the Johnston’s sought to foresee how their farm would fit into the rapid expansion … Continue reading

East End Eden Permaculture (Ojai, CA)

With no college plans and months away from graduating high school, Connor Jones leaned back in his chair in his Algebra II class and hit his head on a bookshelf. Bill Mollison’s Introduction to Permaculture fell on his head; with a glance at the cover, Connor knew he had found his own curriculum. He had … Continue reading

The Little Lake Grange & Farm School (Willits, CA)

The Fraternal Order of the Grange is a tool underutilized by farmers of our generation. Originating in 1867 as a movement of rural farmers collaborating to combat railroad monopoly, Granges are now established at a national, state, and local level; however, this network is little known by young farmers, as the age of Grange members generally … Continue reading

Livepower Community Farm (Covelo, CA)

Fall leaves littering the drive and painting the trees with rainbows, the windy road of California Highway 162 brought us to Covelo, CA, a farming community in the truly panoramic “Round Valley.” Stephen and Gloria have been farming on the 90 acres that makes up Livepower Community Farm for over 30 years. They focus on … Continue reading