Sera Deva

Sera has been studying microbiology and agricultural sciences at The Evergreen State College, and graduated in June of 2014 with her B.S. Her two loves in life are apparent opposites – meticulously sterile lab work vs. the rolling-in-the-muck work of the farm – and she’s on a constant search for how to integrate both of them in her everyday life. She believes that having a rounded education in both micro and the macro leads to critical systems thinking. Her agricultural studies have been focused on animal behavior and husbandry, integrating animal nutrition with management of Soul Brother’s Farm in Olympia, WA. Being raised in a co-housing community has made her particularly intent on exploring various intentional community development models, as she hopes to become a part of one in the future. She is also interested in mixed (plant/animal) production and “closed-loop” systems as one of the most viable models for truly sustainable agriculture. Sera is currently finishing up the Driving Food Home: Homesteads & (Her)story trip with Rachael Saland, which is ending in her new home of Boone, NC in December! For the winter, Sera plans to establish Driving Food Home as a non-profit to sponsor future female farmers to continue the Driving Food Home name. She is also busily looking for a job on a seed farm in North Carolina for the 2015 farming season, applying to graduate school in Norway for Plant Biotechnogy in 2016, and will be making a cozy home out of a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. A busy winter of hermitage awaits!
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Salamander Springs (Milledgeville, GA)

Winter in Georgia means leaves, and grey. The temperate southern winter climate mimics that of the beginning of fall in the Pacific Northwest; we find ourselves on a migration. The south has been hard for us, in many respects. It’s brought much introspection, speculation, and conversation on the values we carry when compared to those … Continue reading