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The articles published by the Collective between June and September 2014 were written collaboratively by Ali Mediate, Sarah Anderson, Evelyn Block, and Sera Deva. Articles published by the Collective through November and December 2014 were written collaboratively by Rachael Saland and Sera Deva.
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One Willow Apothecaries (Asheville, NC)

Asheville, NC is a bustling community of healers. This late in our journey it is a wonder that we are still finding new, innovative ways people are connecting community and agriculture. This is  a true testament to how many ways this movement is manifesting. In one way or another, almost everyone we have spoken to … Continue reading

The Farm (Summertown, TN)

If you are curious about communal living at all, you have probably heard of The Farm. Home of Ida May Gaskin (author of Spiritual Midwifery) and many other alternative leaders from that time, The Farm is one of the longest-running and most well known intentional communities in the entire U.S. While dubbed “The Farm,” there … Continue reading

The Beauty Shop & Project Green Fork (Memphis, TN)

Memphis doesn’t ever let you forget it’s Elvis’ city, especially any time close to Elvis Week, surrounding his death day. But we certainly weren’t there for “The King,” as the 5 hour drive north from NOLA brought us to the cozy home of our good friend’s mama, Karen. Beyond being a successful businesswoman and amazing … Continue reading

Grow Dat Youth Farm (New Orleans, LA)

  The City Park in the Garden District in New Orleans is the largest piece of green you’ll find in the Big Easy. Not just a park, it’s also host to The New Orleans Museum of Art, a football stadium, and Grow Dat Youth Farm, our stop for the afternoon. There is a sense of … Continue reading

NOLA Green Roots (New Orleans, LA)

We arrived in New Orleans on Friday evening. A perfect start to the weekend, we took a few days to experience the vivacious culture of the city before diving into some urban garden projects. An annual bartender’s convention (aptly named “Tales of A Cocktail”) had brought bartenders from around the world to the city to … Continue reading

The Midwest and Dunbar Garden (Little Rock, AR)

Continuing east, simply put, is certainly a transition. As our next scheduled stop was not going to be until Little Rock, AR (a good 14-hour drive from Taos), we collectively decided a halfway-point stop would be appropriate for the night. We were sent a cheerful invitation from Olustee, OK on Couchsurfing, and promptly found ourselves … Continue reading

The Lama Foundation (Questa, NM)

After a weekend of live music and old friends in Flagstaff, AZ, we decided to leave for Taos, NM in order to catch the last bit of Guru Purnima at the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram. A gathering of culture and connection, the Ashram holds beautiful celebrations for those interested in — or actively practicing — … Continue reading

Arcosanti (Mayer, AZ)

Crossing the California border into Arizona, we started our climb to 7,000 feet, hugged on all sides by the rolling mountainous desert. Our destination was Flagstaff, but we made a quick and enjoyable stop to Arcosanti, an “urban laboratory”. Before arriving, we were warned by our tour guide that this was not exactly agriculture or … Continue reading

Slab City & Beyond (In the Desert, California)

After a weekend in L.A. amongst the high rises and high heels, we were more than ready to head into the California desert. Driving east, the wind picks up, the air grows warmer, as dust and sand whirl around everything like a protective shield. Niland, CA isn’t much to look at; with a population of … Continue reading

Camphill Communities California (Soquel, CA)

The Camphill Community in Soquel, CA is not about one garden or farm, but about a network of people all over the world. This network has some common threads; each is based on anthroposophical values, with focus on the Waldorf and Biodynamic practices of Rudolf Steiner. Along with these core beliefs, each Camphill Community is a “life-sharing” … Continue reading