• Blackstar Co-Op (Austin, TX): “Black Star Co-op is the world’s first cooperatively-owned and worker self-managed brewpub. We are owned by a community of more than 3,000 individuals and organizations, and we’re democratically managed by our Workers’ Assembly.”
  • Central Texas Bee Rescue (Central Texas Region): “Central Texas Bee Rescue and Preserve is dedicated to saving and protecting the future of our nation’s bee population. We are the extermination alternative, feeding, housing, and continuing to nurture the bees at our Sanctuary. Through our umbrella organization, the American Honey Bee Protection Agency, we work to educate the community, fight the use of pesticides in our community, and maintain the ecological health of the central Texas region.”
  • Eden East (Austin, TX): Farm-to-table restaurant in Texas’ progressive mecca.
  • Farm Share (Austin, TX): “Farmshare Austin is a 501c3 that is accelerating organic farming knowledge to scale organic food access in Central Texas by offering on farm education and training to aspiring farmers, facilitating research for organic and sustainable farming practices, preserving land and natural resources needed for farming, and facilitating innovative giving programs that put organic food on the tables of those who are most food insecure in our community.”
  • Herbal Medics (San Antonio, TX): “Providing self-sustainable, botanical and integrative health care answers to underserved populations around the world.”
  • HOPE Farmers Market (Austin, TX):  Non-profit farmers market in East Austin on Sundays.
  • In.gredients Grocery (Austin, TX): Grocery store striving for no-package marketing in East Austin.
  • Odd Duck Farm-to-Truck (Austin, TX): Farm-to-truck food truck in Austin.
  • Roost (Houston, TX): Farm-to-table establishment in Houston.
  • San Antonio Sustainable Living (San Antonio, TX): Database for permaculture and other sustainable living destinations/classes in the San Antonio area.
  • Texas Rural Cooperative Center (Austin, TX): “The Texas Rural Cooperative Center is operated by the University of Texas-Pan American and provides assistance to rural start-up and existing cooperatives in Texas. The mission of the Center is to improve the economic conditions of rural Texas by assisting with the start-up, expansion, and operational improvement of rural businesses, especially cooperatives and mutually-owned businesses.”
  • Urban Patchwork (Austin, TX): “We work with thousands of neighbors throughout Austin to galvanize communities around turning underutilized private and public space into productive urban gardens and farms, educational space, and activity centers.”


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