• Chickadee Creek Farm (Williams, OR): Vegetable, flower, and herb production in Southern Oregon.
  • Deck Family Farm (Eugene, OR): Pastured meat and dairy production.
  • Herb Pharm, The (Williams, OR): Herbal medicine production. Internships available in the spring, summer and fall.
  • Lost Valley Educational Center (Dexter, OR): “Since 1989, Lost Valley has been a place for experiential learning through participation in community development, formalized educational programs, and volunteer opportunities. Our programs have included: Permaculture Design Certification, Gardening, Natural Building, Mushroom Research, festivals, benefits, meditation retreats, seminars, and concerts. We are a unique retreat and conference facility offering 2 dormitories, multiple kitchens, sacred space indoor and out, Nature Center with labeled trails, and a diverse eco-system. Many of our events have an educational focus.”
  • Oregon State University Agricultural Sciences Department (Corvallis, OR): Woohoo for OSU’s involvement in their community and participatory plant breeding programs!
  • Seven Seeds Farm (Williams, OR): Permaculture/biodynamic seed saving in Southern Oregon.
  • Sweet Creek Foods (Elmira, OR): Food preservation and canning of organic products.
  • Winter Green Farm (Noti, OR): Organic and biodynamic meat and vegetable production.
  • Willamette Valley Sustainable Foods Alliance (Willamette Valley, OR): “The Willamette Valley Sustainable Foods Alliance is a regional trade association of companies that promote natural food businesses through relationships, education and sustainable business practices. The local food trade is made up of retailers, food manufacturers, restaurateurs, distributors and farmers. These people work in alliance to bring you fresh, sustainably-produced food that feeds local people and our local economy. Local foods are those that are locally grown and harvested and/or locally made from a combination of ingredients. By buying foods grown or made locally, you are getting the freshest foods and helping our local businesses at the same time.


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