About The Collective

“Life did not take over the globe by combat, but by networking.” — Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan


This publication started as a documentation of a road trip taking place from June to August 2014, by four individuals specifically interested in modes of community development stemmed from the desire for food sovereignty. Over these 5,000 miles and two months, the travelers specifically looked for diverse ways of motivating community action through the implementation of local food movements. Seeds for inspiration and networking began to root.

Now, the articles, forums, and databases found on this site seek to acknowledge various forms of sustainable agriculture and sustainable community structures that are popping up all over the nation. As young members of the food movement, we seek to learn from each of them, and encourage you to explore them too. We wish to connect young farmers and food enthusiasts, inspire and encourage change through creating a network of support and seasoned experiences from around the map.

With strong community we can begin to make structural change in promoting the localization of our food systems; this is the grass roots movement in motion.


Driving Food Home: Culture & Community

From June to August 2014, Ali Mediate, Evelyn Block, Sarah Anderson, and Sera Deva took a road trip from Washington thru Oregon and down to California, eventually migrating out east thru Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, and down into Florida. The articles collectively written as part of their journey are published under “Our Stops” and organized by state.


Driving Food Home: Homestead & (Her)story

From November to December 2014, Sera Deva and Rachael Saland will be embarking on a journey out to the Southeast, exploring homesteads and female-led farmsteads in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. These stops will be listed under “Our Stops” tab and organized by state.


Solo Sista’ Stories

These are stories that were written individually by the listed authors, site visits and conversations that happen while we are exploring our individual corners of the country. To keep getting updates on where these ladies are reporting from, please read “about us” and where we are in this wild world.


The Nitty Gritty

The reality is, life a’int free. But this resource is! We’d love to see some lovin’ from you all to help us continue our work. Thanks to our readers, we were able to raised over $900 in funding to support our gas habit (whoops!) that took us across the country during Driving Food Home: Culture & Community. Thanks in advance for your support on our future endeavors!

Feeling spendy? Become a Patron! Help support us on our journey. Click here to donate!


The Original Ladies: Sarah Anderson, Ali Mediate, Evelyn Block, and Sera Deva (from left.)



One thought on “About The Collective

  1. OMG, ya’ll have already done some incredible farm tours! thanks for sharing, pictures are beautiful and the accompanied snippets are poifeckt.


    Posted by tees wogs | June 26, 2014, 3:06 pm

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